The Friday Archives

Hello! I am starting a new thing (meme?) here. I am calling it “The Friday Archives”. Feel free to join in!

I have been digging around in my old sketchbooks and discovering recurring themes in my work and I am thinking that every Friday I might post a picture of some art work from ye-olde-days (university, high school, TAFE, primary school etc). I thought if I called it “Friday Archives” it’s pretty open, so apart from old art, photography and craft work, even a poem, short story or some 21 Jump Street inspired Fan Fiction (lawd help us!) might even fit the bill. (If a meme like this already exists, please let me know).

This is my first piece – from 1994. I was doing my first year of Art Teaching Education at Melbourne Uni and was loving printmaking class. I was already using a computer (corel draw from memory) to come up with designs and when I wasn’t playing on the computer I was burning the images into steel plates with acid. This is an artist’s proof of an etching of my Grandmother and her siblings when they were young. I think my Grandma must be the one on the right. They are all looking at the little blonde girl – who was the sister who died when she was just a girl. This ghostly, fabled little sister has always fascinated me.

If you decide to join in the fun – please leave a link in my comments!

36 Responses to “The Friday Archives”

  1. Diana

    I love hearing the backstory on artworks. I like your blog, so much interesting and cute stuff. I loved your skipping girl prints. Will you be doing some more?

  2. mimi k

    Great idea! I’ve been trying to record some of my older work on my blog every once in a while- same reason- To see the connections through the years. I will try to join in on a weekly schedule although I am not so sure I’ll get to it today.

  3. Carrie

    It is fun to see past works/posts on blogs. It is hard to find the time to search a blog’s archives so this is a great idea!I love your first print!

  4. KathieB

    Great idea. I’m primarily a quilter, forever careening between the artsy and the traditional. This sounds like a fun way to show some of my old time stuff. I’ll give it a go…

  5. Kirsty

    I’ll play – not much historical art/craft around my place. I think that they were tipped in about Skip #2 but by next week I’ll be able to come up with something archival.

  6. caitriona

    this is a really lovely idea – i’ve been meaning to dig out some photos i took when i was younger and this is just the excuse. good call!

  7. leigh

    what a great plan!can’t wait to see what you find each week – I love this one.I am pondering joining in, i’m tempted!

  8. Laura

    I really enjoyed reading the story behind this great print. I can’t seem to stop thinking about the ghostly, fabled sister. Spooky.

  9. ariana

    Looking through piles of old artwork makes for some of the best procrastination around, count me in!

  10. Alyson

    I love it – I wish I had kept more artwork from my college days, I tossed a bunch in a big purge during a move a few years ago. We were taking art classes about the same time – I was an Art major at San Diego State University from 1992-1997 :). I only took one print making class and I didn’t really care for the teacher, but I loved the processes we learned. I should look into taking another class, I wonder if I could find one around here.

  11. sanae

    i’m in! i have a lot of old sketchbooks/journals in storage that i’ll have to forage through…also i just started making stamps and my mom told me she found a bunch of old half-done handmade stamps I had started when I was about 10 years old! funny how i’m still doing the same things almost three decades later. i’ll definitely participate next week. 🙂

  12. Paper Dolls for Boys

    I love this print. The colors of very “now”. I like the expressions on their faces. Looking forward to checking out your Friday pieces.

  13. Ginger M.

    You can count me in! But first I need to wipe the inch-thick dust off my old portfolio cases. It’s been a very long time since anything in there see the light of day.

  14. Andrea

    I’d love to participate. I’ll plan to post my first “The Friday Archives” image next week on my blog. Thanks for sharing a great idea!

  15. Lilliboo

    How to entice someone back to posting who was meant to be having a wee break! Great idea…I’d love to join in.

  16. Tamara

    Hi thereI have been looking through my old drawings too – last month we moved the office and as a result I had to look through my bits of paper. I was pleased to find this drawing I did before I was married and had kiddies – but here they are draped all over me like they do now!

    Endeavor to join in Claire

  17. Prue

    I’ll try and have a go – don’t have much art around from when I was little, but I have a bit from Uni, and lots of embroidery pieces. Must check on copyright issues though to make sure I don’t tread on toes for the ones already published. Great idea though Claire! And I love your etching – but then I am always a sucker for etchings.

  18. sosser

    hey! our mutual pal pip led me to you and by sheer coincidence i’ve been posting a few accidental dips into my own archives. i would love to play along with you… i’ll start this friday! thanks for the invite (love loobylu, too)!

  19. Joanne

    It’s a little late but I would like to join! Now I just have to dig up some of my old arty stuff . . .

  20. theresa

    consider me a member! Great idea! I’ve linked to you about a zillion times today in my post.;-)

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