The Friday Archives

Hello! I am starting a new thing (meme?) here. I am calling it “The Friday Archives”. Feel free to join in!

I have been digging around in my old sketchbooks and discovering recurring themes in my work and I am thinking that every Friday I might post a picture of some art work from ye-olde-days (university, high school, TAFE, primary school etc). I thought if I called it “Friday Archives” it’s pretty open, so apart from old art, photography and craft work, even a poem, short story or some 21 Jump Street inspired Fan Fiction (lawd help us!) might even fit the bill. (If a meme like this already exists, please let me know).

This is my first piece – from 1994. I was doing my first year of Art Teaching Education at Melbourne Uni and was loving printmaking class. I was already using a computer (corel draw from memory) to come up with designs and when I wasn’t playing on the computer I was burning the images into steel plates with acid. This is an artist’s proof of an etching of my Grandmother and her siblings when they were young. I think my Grandma must be the one on the right. They are all looking at the little blonde girl – who was the sister who died when she was just a girl. This ghostly, fabled little sister has always fascinated me.

If you decide to join in the fun – please leave a link in my comments!