Long weekend

I have a date with this pumpkin and a pie crust this weekend.

This is the pumpkin that we found hiding all those weeks ago. There are a couple more growing on the vine now too and a few others which didn’t get very big before they were devoured by the possums (there’s a lot of fist shaking at possum nests going on these days).

Other plans for this long weekend are making felt beads out of some delicious merino wool I bought from Winterwood today (is it possible to visit Winterwood without getting thoroughly carried away? I have brought home a book on how to make Waldorf Dolls and some fabric to make a start, that’s what I mean by carried away!).

Amelia is making chocolates with her fairy god mother tomorrow and I am going to get back to that “Project Atelier de Filles” that’s been hanging around for a while now.

On Sunday we are off to finally meet new baby Joe (who isn’t so new anymore) and we’re taking him this lovely doll – another Winterwood purchase. It’s a “Papoose” doll from Colours of Australia.

Isn’t she great? She looks a little bit like she should come with a set of fire twirling sticks, a couple of little doobies and a set of bongos, but she’s very cuddly.