Amelia started piano lessons on Wednesday. We hired an old bomb of an electric keyboard for $12 for the term – how can you go wrong with that?? Piano practice went swimmingly until we discovered the Hip-Hop button and then it dissolved into one of those slightly hysterical, over tired, pre-dinner dance parties where we all tried to out do each other with moves we’ve gleaned from Hi-5.

And we have a new plant which arrived in a cardboard box labled “Live Plants” from Diggers. It’s a “True Curry Tree” – which sounds pretty awesome when you read what Kurma has to say about it. I like the bit about all the groaning. Must be good. It’s just a wee little thing at the moment – about a foot tall – but it will grow to two metres and has lovely lush looking (groan inducing) foliage. We planted it outside the back door and fed it organic chook poo and lots of water. Now I hope it manages to avoid those pesky possums and we’ll be having curry for dinner in 2009!