Eyes right

I started working on some small canvases in oils yesterday. This is the first coat. Really, it’s just blocking in colour and form and covering up the white of the canvas. I haven’t done any oil painting in about… hmm.. 15 years! I’m old! Oils are nice. I like the way they smudge and slide.

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  1. Tamara

    HelloGee I havent painted in oils since my first pregnancy (hence getting into sewing!) but I am ready to tackle again – but think I will have to wait until my baby is in school

  2. Prue

    I like the second one best. She looks happier, it seems sunnier.I’ve never used oils, my paint of choice is watercolour. And I always hope that my watercolours don’t smudge and slide!

  3. michelle

    Oooh! welcome to the club!I really think they are so much nicer to work with than acrylic once you get used to them – and they go so, so much further. And then there’s the smell. Mmmmmmmmmm

    Looking good. 🙂

  4. Di

    I think they look great! I have never been any good at painting!

  5. Emmarose

    I love oils. They’re so buttery! I’m always a bit afraid of them, and I don’t have much patience to let them dry between layers….. Yeah, and I love the smell too!

  6. megsie

    i love oils too!the feel, smell and the luminious colours you can build up. i don’t like the clean-up though. toxic! Great canvases, looking forward to seeing them progress

  7. elissa

    Hello Claire, I am so glad you are back! As a long time reader I am delighting in watching your art evolve over the years and reading about P and your girls.XX E

  8. Carrie

    They look beautiful so far! I like all kinds of crafts,but painting is my favorite!

  9. when skies are grey

    I like both oil and acrylics, depending on what project I’m working on. I like that you’ve shown your first layer, it’s like a whole other painting than what you end up with. cool.

  10. kristina

    I’ll be interested in seeing these as they evolve. Fresh and friendly as always, but they seem a bit secretive, as well.

  11. Frogdancer

    They look fantastic. My mother is an artist. Sadly, I can barely hold a pencil the correct way. (By the way, good luck with the whole Etsy thing. I’ll be interested to see how that all pans out. Maybe I’ll follow you into that one day. And the knitted beret you posted on…. mine is purple and looks great. Once I learned how to wear it like a French woman and not like a showercap!)

  12. Megs

    Oh how pretty!! I’ve never painted with oils. Didn’t know if I had enough patience for it…. Nice work!

  13. maura

    yay – very cool! looks like you’re having fun with these 🙂 looking forward to seeing what develops. best to you!

  14. Amy

    Thanks for the inspiration. I want to get back to oil painting too..just painting in general. Glad you had fun with them! They look fantastic.

  15. Darci

    I love the mischievousness in her eyes. I have an orange headed 14 yo that looks just like that.

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