On my desk… fabric and a novel

On my desk today is a little pile of Japanese fabrics from Patchwork on Central Park — the strawberries are very, very cute. That’s also a bit of Rosa’s ribbon draped casually across it. Under that is a Moleskine dedicated to “ideas for my online store”. Under that is a canvas for a painting I am going to start working on today. Under that is my folder of patterns which needs to go back on the shelf.

To the right, sitting on my sketch books, is a little removable thumb drive which contains my NOVEL. In moments of enthusiasm I am writing a modern Chick-Lit tale of love, loss and umm.. bad writing, mostly. I started it last September and haven’t written very much since. However, I have just finished reading Melanie La’Brooy’s Serendipity which was quite fun, and was inspired to read Room with a View again, so now I am contemplating tackling chapter two, in which my heroine (and her two children) move to the mountains. The hero is a rugged, forest dwelling type. The bad guy is a washed-up television writer with stone washed jeans and nicotine stained fingers (of course). Her mother, who is gorgeous and bohemian (and looks like Miriam Margolyes), is a botanical artist (I might have to pick your brains some time Prue!), and her father, a retired country doctor, (who looks like Bill Nighy) is a pessimistic old bastard who has lost his joie de vie, and plants seeds of doubt as he has nothing better to do. I think he might be healed through vegetable gardening. That could work.