Favourite rain

I can hear rain on the leaves outside. A friend of mine was telling me recently that her psychologist had told her that the “psychology of rain” has changed for us Australians in recent times. It used to be that rain brought sorrow and the blues but now after years of drought a good, decent rain has us dancing in the streets and smiling at one another in the shops. It seems to be true. I wonder how long it will last. I still love (and have always loved) going to bed while it’s raining gently on the roof. I know I’m hardly alone on that one. Even in more recent years when I have had to worry about leaking roofs or overflowing gutters I still love that soothing lullaby.

Everyone has gone to bed, including Phil who is fighting off that awful virus I had last week. He has it much worse than me, poor chap. But the house is quiet now apart from the chug of the dishwasher and the aforementioned rain so I am exploring flickr. How I could curl up and live in my favourites page! A fun thing to do is to click through favourite’s favourites, and then favourite’s favourite’s favourites. I then add my favourite favourite’s favourites to my favourites and my favourites grow and grow! Did you get all that? It appeals to my collecting-gene which I inherited from my mother. I can’t help it.

Ps. thanks for the mail advice yesterday!