Etsy angst

Last night I had a crazy dream where I discovered Matt Damon was a loobylu reader (and why shouldn’t he be?) and he had a daddy-blog at I went and had a look there this morning secretly hoping to see the beautiful photos that Matt had included in my dream of his family running on the beach and some of their beach-related crafts… but no… nothing Matt Damon related at that url. How disappointing! Imagine if Matt Damon was secretly a daddy/craft blogger? However, it did occur to me upon waking that things are weird (and possibly a little out of proportion) when you dream about blogging. Especially when it involves a celebrity.

So here’s my most recent gocco print called “Hulahoop, Skipping Rope” which I am planning to list on etsy next week as my first foray into etsy selling. I have to find some light yet sturdy envelopes (does anyone know where I can buy Jiffy Rigi Bags #4 in Melbourne?) and work out the postage issues. I’m a little nervous but when I look at Emily and her 13,600+ sales I think I might be being a little pathetic. (13,600 ??? How exhausting! Poor girl! We need to send her a care package!). I had better get back to our Saturday — I have stock on the stove and it sounds like the kids are getting a bit wild.