Birthday / Easter happy happy

Croup-curing medication + chocolate + rose macarons + new ukulele + thai food + small children + good friends + book vouchers + 2 full nights of sleep = best birthday / easter weekend ever.

18 Responses to “Birthday / Easter happy happy”

  1. tina A

    Happy birthday, thanks for all the gifts you share with us. Hope you got some yourself…

  2. Carrie

    What a cute picture!Now I want to make hot cross buns!Your Easter sounded lovely! We got a ukele for Christmas-haven’t tried to seriously play it yet,though!Hope the medicine is working for you-I am sure the sleep has made you feel better,too.

  3. Tina

    How cute is that face in the background. That’s what I look like when I’m around chocolate.

  4. Di

    Glad you are feeling better! I made hot cross buns too!! Happy birthday/easter!

  5. Felicia

    Hi,You have just made my day!I am avid Loobylu reader from years ago.I did a random click on my list of favourite blogs today & to my suprise Loobylu is back!!I was devasted when you took a break a while ago, I din’t know what was possibly going to fill the void.Great to see you back & happy blogging!Yaahhhh!!!

  6. Amy

    Wheee! So happy for you. Belated Happy Birthday. Hope you are back to 100% now, or very soon!Ohhh,Ukulele? What will you play?

  7. pip

    Hurrah! Hurrah for you! I want some easter buns…. i really do.. i didn’t have a single hot cross bun this year.. it’s crazy-talk, huh?! Hope you are well-er, you’re definately sweller! xx

  8. Dan

    THAT’S exactly how my face would look like in front of a pile of fresh hot cross buns. oh man im so craving for it now!!

  9. Marlina

    Is that baby Lily all grown up? Am I the only one who’s been waiting for a good shot of her face? She looks quite different from Amelia, no? (at least from this photo) Beautiful – buns and babe!

  10. rbiggs

    Glad that you are back! Just a curiosity: Why are your posts so delayed?R


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