Autumn chilly


I have croup! Who’d have thunk it!?
Well, it’s called Laryngotracheobronchitis which is a lot harder to say than croup. And also much less of a crowd pleaser. “CROUP? What are you? Three years old?”
But tomorrow I am 36 (which is a lovely number divisible very nicely by three) and it will be a full moon, and Good Friday AND the wonderful Autumn Equinox (or maybe that’s today). So there’s lots to celebrate in the McCluskey Robertson household, croup or no croup. Happy Equinox / Easter / Mabon / Harvest Moon (Storm Moon for those in the North) gentle readers!

* Beautiful image by Tove Jansson. Found at Mikes (happy birthday almost twinny).

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  1. Mimi K

    Happy Birthday! Hopefully your croup will not last long. I got it once when my kids were tiny- it gave me a LOT of sympathy for anyone who was suffering with it. It’s awful. Get well soon!

  2. Michele

    Hope yu feel better soon. Happy Birthday (it’s probably tomorrwo in Australia). PS it’s good to have you back 🙂

  3. Kirsty

    Oh Gosh – you poor thing croup is AWFUL. Hope you have a wonderful birthday & a lovely celebratory weekend.

  4. Cindy

    Hey, welcome back! I have had you on my favorites since last May when I first started blogging. I kept looking and thought oh she is wonderful but if gone forever,I will never see her come back and then, here you are! Happy 36th and hope your laryngotracheobronchitis is better very soon:) Happy 36, I am 46 (shhhhhh, it sounds awful) later this month

  5. Georgia

    Happy Birthday to You!You will always be younger than me (by 16 days). 😉

  6. Kylie

    Croup sounds dreadful. My little ones are down with bronchitis which just seems plain wrong given how hot and horrible it has been here this week. Great picture.- Kylie

  7. Jodie

    happy happy birthday you spring chicken. Look after yourself and be nice to yourself over easter so you can get better. Croup? at your age? who woulda thunk it?

  8. Philippa

    Happy birthday – let the family run around and look after you with that nasty croup! Play it up for all its worth!!!

  9. isoinpapu

    Happy happy birthday!I think ive seen an original of that picture at the moomin museum, Muumilaakso/Moominvalley in Tampere. So, if ever in Finland, Tampere is your town.

    And croup, go away!

  10. theresa

    well, then I better stop pussyfooting around and get your package together–happy Birthday!!! And hope you get better real soon.;-)

  11. ani

    happy 36! hope you will be feeling better soon…love the moomin pic and i’m so happy to see you blogging again.

  12. Donna

    Happy Birthday!You know, I’ve been reading Australian blogs for several years now and there will still be seasonal references that make me pause in confusion for a moment “Autumn Equinox? Doesn’t she mean Spring–Ohh, yeah….” haha

  13. Amy

    Have a wonderful birthday (and hopefully a good nights sleep tonight)! By sheer coincidence I was drooling over “Moomin: The Complete Tove Jansson Comic Strips” at the bookstore today. There’s nothing like looking at little round moomins to make you smile.

  14. pip

    Hey Spunky-Crouper-Dooper!Wishing you a wonderful day today, Ms Twin! I hope you feel better v soon… and I think we should take each other out for Birthday Lunch when you feel better! I hope everyone treats you super nice today.. and I hope you forget to do any work and just sip nice drinks and eat nice things with wrapping paper lapping at your ankles!xx pip

  15. Clare

    Hi – just revisited your blog after some time from Alsorts. I love it, and I LOVE that picture of Moomin Valley! I used to watch the moomins when I was little. Me and my sister actually call our Mum – Moomin!Happy Birthday and heres to wishing you well.Take Care Clare x

  16. Jox

    1) Happy Birthday2) Get well soon

    3) Your site was one of the first blogs I discovered and started to read regularly and one of the ones that inspired me to start my own. I was very disappointed when you stopped, but I am happy now that you are back.

  17. Anna

    Happy birthday to me! (By which I mean – I just found out you are baaaack! Hurrah!)Also happy birthday to you!

    And quelle coincidence – I just had croup, too! It sucks, and I hope you feel better soon.

  18. di

    I hope you’re feeling better soon! And happy birthday – I hope you had a special day.

  19. Michelle

    Croup = no fun at all.Birthday = lots of fun.

    Hope the fun cancels out the croup! Look after yourself. This wicked weather we’ve all been having probably hasn’t helped.

    And happy birthday!

  20. sarah

    Welcome back Claire – I am pleased you are blogging again because your site is so lovely.And an excellent Moomins picture – i LOVED them when I was a primary school tot.

    and finally, Happy belated birthday.

  21. Julie

    Dear Claire,i am so glad you are back. I love your blog. I hope you recover soon.I also have two daughters and since they started going to daycare I have been sick with almost every possible bug you can imagine. I even got scarlet fever once (luckily my children didn’t). I have to rely on daycare and i am glad we got the places for our daughters there, but sometimes I just want to take them out because it is so obviously the source of all the colds and stomach bugs I had to go through in the last couple of years. Anyway I hope you had a nice birthday and thank you for coming back.


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