Welcome Pumpkin!! (and welcome home Phil)

Phil’s back from a week long business trip to California and I can’t tell you how good it is to have him home! We have all been pining for him. Lily most of all. She’s been stomping around the house saying in the most heartbreaking of tones “Daddy – home?”. The cockroaches and spiders are the only ones not pleased to have him back – they get away with a lot more when it’s just me around. I tend to freeze up in terror and revulsion while they make their mad-scrambling escape. On top of the spiders and the cockroaches I have been sick with some throat, chest, lung thing and apart from making me feel crappy I haven’t been able to shout effectively at tired, overheated, misbehaving children and of course the weather has been unbelievably foul. I am feeling compelled to pack up and move to Tasmania. But whinging aside… Upon arriving home Phil discovered a pumpkin on the vine. Hooray! I can’t see any more but they seem to grow fast. I have just had a look at some photos I took of the girls playing out the back from the weekend before last and could see the itty bitty pumpkin just starting to look pumpkin-like only 7 days ago. This is Lily and her baby doll “Shep” playing alongside the pumpkin without even realising it! You can click on the photo for a better look.


Go pumpkin, go! It’s growing underneath Lily’s window which makes me wonder if it’s been growing happily there because of the gentle lilting sleepy music that we play to Lily at nap time and bed time. Ya never know.