Happy mail day! My woodcut print by Maho Satoh-Britt arrived. I have been a fan of Maho’s husband Stephan Britt’s work for a long time and it was with great pleasure when I discovered that he had an equally as talented artist wife. If Etsy had a “best value” section this print would have to be in there. A five colour wood cut print for $15? What is the world coming to?? It’s just beautiful. Thank you Maho!

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  1. Michelle

    Thank you for sharing Maho’s art with us I’ve just purchased a hedgehog print from her Etsy shop. I would never have known about her otherwise.Hopefully I’ll have a happy mail day soon as well!

  2. Nanette

    Hello, it’s so lovely that you are back in action on this super blog. What a gorgeous print, I’m off to check out some more!Nan

  3. Wendy

    Thanks for introducing us to Maho. Her work is lovely.

  4. Elsita :)

    This print it so beautiful!I am going to check Maho’s work right now.Thank you so much for the links!Elsita 🙂

  5. sarah shepherd

    Yipeee you’re back! You were the very first blogger I found on the net and I was a little sad when you left. So happy to find you’re back again!

  6. S.britt

    Hello there Claire,Thanks mighty for sharing Maho’s work with your readers! We really and truly appreciate all the sales she’s received from your blog. For those of you who were unable to get the print you wanted, she’ll be posting some new ones as soon as she gets back from Japan.

    Thanks again!Stephan Britt

  7. Paper Dolls for Boys

    So glad you are back. I’ve just ordered 2 things from her shop for my son’s birthday (he’s going to be 2 and is all about cats and dogs). Thanks for the tip!Tracey

  8. pip

    Ooh look! I’m right after Stephan Britt! I heart him too! I think we are new friends though.. via Retrokid… i reckon you and the Britt go way back! Lovely print! Hope your weekend was peachy and full of icy drinks!

  9. Maho S-Britt

    Hello Loobylu,Thank you wrote about my print and it makes me very happy! I just stay in Japan but when I opened my page, I amazed that many people visited my page! I finally found they came from your blog (some people tought your URL).And just, I would like to say how happy I am to you!

    Have a nice day ^-^ and thank you again!

    Maho S-Britt

  10. Jen

    Wow, those prints are gorgeous. I just raided my husband’s paypal account to buy a print for each my daughter and son. I got the cat/mouse print and the hedgehog print. As I was born in Japan, they are extra special. And my daughter (8.5mo) is obsessed with cats already 😉 Thanks for sharing this C, I’d never have found them otherwise…

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