Pillow talk

Lily’s asleep, Amelia’s at school… I am keeping cool behind drawn curtains. It’s going to be 38°c today, can that be fair? It’s Autumn! The hot weather is going on and on and on.

After I first discovered the Maki Squarepatch site last month I was inspired to make a crazy patchwork cushion and couldn’t resist adding some ears and eyes to give it a little more character. It was pretty easy and haphazard – I cut very random, not terribly even strips and hastily sewed them in a log-cabin-like formation. Nothing was measured and no lines are parallel. The stripe fabric is one of my favourite Kaffe Fassett fabrics… but having discovered a stitch in dye and her batik stripes I feel like it would be incredibly fun to break out some of my Mum’s ancient 70s batik equipment and dye some stripes of my own. The likelihood of that actually happening is slim so instead I will just keep my eye on a stitch in dye’s etsy store.

Speaking of Maki Squarepatch (again), I was looking through their flickr stream last night and discovered this hotdog bolster — which coincidentally is a lot like the one I made for the back of our couch the week before last.


Mine still needs a tail (and a decent photoshoot minus the ugly couch, clearly). To make your own sausage dog bolster, I used the pattern from good old “Splendid Soft Toys” and just cut the body pattern piece in two and extended the stomach section. Stuffing it was a nightmare (hence the lumps) but it looks pretty cute.

I love so much of the Squarepatch stuff. These girls are clearly on my wavelength.

30 Responses to “Pillow talk”

  1. plum

    Is that Lily with the cushion? She looks so gorgeous – and the last pic I remember seeing of her was the one of her on the washing pile! She looks so much the girl now, toddling out of babyness.

  2. sarah

    So cute. You have the ability to take the mundane and make it sing. I envy that!

  3. Claire

    I have a whole lot of fabric from my visit to Purl Patchwork last year, in a pile waiting to become a log cabin cushion. Now I am starting to feel doubt about my plans, I am feeling the need for ears. I love the whole face/cushion thing, but fear not, I also hate to copy. I will just admire and say you are one clever lady Claire.PS I was also enjoying a little peek at a much larger Lily – but don’t want to sound strange or anything.

  4. Cate

    I just to say: so happy that you’re back! I missed your blog so much…

  5. brooke

    hi claire,it’s brooke from brown owls. I’m just looking at your beautiful sausage dog!Nice work indeed.Happy Thursday to you.brooke and moca(the sausage dog)

  6. sabdha

    Hi there! It’s great to see the things you are making again. Do you have an etsy shop?

  7. chiara

    Hallo Claire,I,m so happy that youre back! I read your blog from 2004, but sometime I don’t understand because I learn english slowly.Chiara

  8. Frogdancer

    Oh how I wish I could sew!!! (Quilts don’t count.)I’d love to make fun things like that, and I’d MAKE the boys like them. (They’re too tall and manly to officially dance around with cushions and sausage dogs, but maybe I could refuse to feed them until they did…???)

    Or maybe I could just buy a real sausage dog. I’m seriously considering it. Do they come in blue?

  9. Marcia

    Seeing how cute little Lily is now I can only say that you are a truly talented dolls maker, Claire. 🙂

  10. malka

    Thanks for mentioning my store on your blog. I just had someone place an order and they mentioned hearing about my store through you. I’ll have to check out your etsy store.

  11. Ellen

    That’s “super duper” cute, to use my five-year-old’s terminology.

  12. angelique

    what a wonderful hotdog dog. I love the character of both pillow and bolster. It’s all in the eyes, I think.

  13. Karen

    I’ll have to try to make my little boy a cushion inspired by this, it’s so cute!(could take a while though!)

  14. meg

    The cusion is adorable and the bolster too. Your couch is a little zoo!

  15. lou

    That cushion is cuteness plus more cuteness! More soft furnishings should have faces…. When I graduate from lilo-with throws and cushions to a real growed-up couch, I am detirmined that there will be cushions with faces!

  16. rhelynn

    I think the couch brings both pillows into perspective. I love how well they go together there!

  17. Hannah

    Hello! Love it! That is soo cute.I spent ages trying to work out how to make a sausage dog draught excluder pattern. Since my boyfriend won’t let me have an actual sausage dog (because he doesn’t want a dog that has to be helped up the curb) I have to make do with little stuffed ones at the foot of every door in the house.

    Anyway, I digress. I ended up spending hours designing a pattern, which I can proudly announce is now tried, tested and printed. They have been selling very well on eBay with lots of great feedback, so if you want one just take a look.

    Search for “really cute sausage dog draught excluder pattern’ in the great department store in the sky (eBay), and I’ll get one out to you in the post. Happy sewing…Hannah xxx

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