Here’s a little break away from my usual “On my desk… on a Wednesday” post. It’s dire. I need to do something about my studio. PRONTO. Yesterday I wrote an email to Pip telling her that it looks as though a Craft Bomb has gone off in here and I’m not exaggerating. I’m posting these photos to embarrass myself into action. I am truly ashamed. Nichola’s been cleaning out her craft room but I see that her before shot actually looks like something I aspire to as my after shot (sob!)! This studio is such a great room with such great potential. I have been looking at beautiful studios about the place and I need to get to it as it’s getting to the point where there is no room (nor motivation) to work in here.
Have a look… here are my “before” shots:


Can you even see my sewing machine in there?


Oh look – there it is.

And how about Phil’s side of the room? Well, he’s getting hemmed in by my mess .


He’s a wonderfully patient and understanding man.

So hopefully sometime soon it will look totally “Atelier de Filles” – really! Wish me luck!