Hot Buns

Hello people from google who have come here searching on dodgey search terms. Welcome to a blog post about baking!

I made these same buns two years ago from Delia’s recipe and apart from slightly overcooking these little guys yesterday, they were just as delicious a second time around.

They are meant to be Hot Cross Buns but I forgot to cut crosses in them before letting them rise for the second time and didn’t have time to make posh piped ones so they are simply Hot Buns.

I highly recommend Delia’s recipe. If you are nervous about messing about with yeast and dough I say don’t be! If I can do it, you can too. These buns are a little more time consuming than simply making bread because you have to heat milk, melt butter, measure out more ingredients and so on, but if you have a few hours at home so that you can let the dough rise twice, then it makes for a yummy morning tea.