Hot Buns

Hello people from google who have come here searching on dodgey search terms. Welcome to a blog post about baking!

I made these same buns two years ago from Delia’s recipe and apart from slightly overcooking these little guys yesterday, they were just as delicious a second time around.

They are meant to be Hot Cross Buns but I forgot to cut crosses in them before letting them rise for the second time and didn’t have time to make posh piped ones so they are simply Hot Buns.

I highly recommend Delia’s recipe. If you are nervous about messing about with yeast and dough I say don’t be! If I can do it, you can too. These buns are a little more time consuming than simply making bread because you have to heat milk, melt butter, measure out more ingredients and so on, but if you have a few hours at home so that you can let the dough rise twice, then it makes for a yummy morning tea.

13 Responses to “Hot Buns”

  1. Francs

    They look yummy, I’m printing off the recipe now. And those mini hot cross buns and earrings look pretty cool too.

  2. rochelle

    Yum!! They look perfect and you’ve reminded me that I should be making some myself – I love hot cross buns… So will try your recommended recipe. :)PS we met at the first Brown Owls, am enjoying reading your blog and being able to link it with a real person! my sister’s blog is:

  3. Hanna

    Mmmm, I should make these for Easter breakfast, my Gramma always used to make hot cross buns at Easter

  4. monda-loves

    Hi LoobyluI’m de-lurking to say, this really made me laugh (so thanks for that)I love your hot buns!


  5. minkee

    haha – I love his face ;DI’m going to forward this to my boyfriend, he’s the chef round these parts, and, dare I say it, loves his buns!

  6. pip

    Well Miss Loobylu,You even managed to make your Easter Buns Happy! I much prefer them to the cross ones too. We are still ovenless – so no buns for me this year – but IMAGINE what a FUNNY Good Friday YOU will be having!! How very strange that Easter is so early! xx

  7. Elaine

    Claire, I checked my bloglines today and saw a big fat (24) next to Loobylu. I was so excited!It’s so good to have you back.

  8. Kate F.

    Haaaaaa that photo has won my heart. Am now subscribing to the blog. Also dying laughing. That’s for the bright spot in a grim day.

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