Feb was No Spend Month

Rosa‘s nice ribbon.

This was one of the few luxury purchases I made in February while undergoing “No Spend Month“.

Other things which forced me to break the rules included:

  • Brown Owls Membership
  • Coffee (or hot chocolate) and cakes at Laurent for Mum, Dad, Amelia, Lily and Me one Saturday morning (Mum spotted us for all other Saturday mornings in Feb. Thanks Mum! That was a bit naughty of me really.)
  • Sweeney Todd at the Rivoli
  • DVD rentals (Die Hard 4, The Bourne Ultimatum and Once)
  • An apple tart to take to a dinner party on a weekend when I had no time to cook.

Things I held back on even though it made me miserable:

  • Green and Black’s White Chocolate
  • Fabric (even with a visit to Patchwork on Central Park)
  • New shoes to replace my completely trashed campers

Things I thought I would miss but strangely had no effect on me:

  • Life etc. and various other nice magazines
  • Books from Dymocks
  • Take away food
  • Chai tea at Macro
  • Clothes on sale

Things that surprised me:

  • We reduced the amount of rubbish we put out for collection by half for the month!
  • Amelia stopped asking “Can I have (insert toy/video game/treat/donut/etc.)?” all the time. She doesn’t do it at all anymore.
  • I got a little boring and evangelical about it (actually, perhaps that’s not so surprising).
  • I really do feel compelled to buy less.

No spend month was quite good. It kind of reset my “Need to buy, must consume” button, but I do have a renewed respect for those who do the Compact challenge. I have already got back in to the swing of purchasing a few things that really I shouldn’t have… but ya gotta live a little… right?