Kiss and make up

Sometime around 9am this morning the gocco and I made friends again and I finished my first multi-coloured print. Hooray! Thanks for all the encouragement yesterday.

Just in case you were wondering, the registration looks off deliberately. I thought that if I made the colours look as though they didn’t fit the outline as a stylistic choice then registration would be a whole lot easier. This was definitely a wise move.Things I must remember when printing:

1. Let go of the expectation that it will look perfect. As Jo and Sarah pointed out in the comments yesterday, all the weird stuff going on just adds charm and character.

2. Don’t drink two cups of coffee before printing. This only adds to the agro.

3. Don’t print on the floor if you are doing a lot of printing and you don’t have a particularly flexible body.

4. Don’t use 3 year old ink.

5. Don’t make six million prints because it’s fun doing the first plate.

Ok! Next up… this little number. I am going to try it as a gocco but then I am keen to make it in to a big embroidery / applique thing.


This is a happy image for me because Amelia decided she liked school when she discovered she could borrow a hula hoop at lunchtime. There have been no more tears in the morning and it has meant she finally left the classroom step and started to explore the playground. Much relief all round.