On my desk… Gocco!

Arghhh! I am having one of those days. Everything I touch seems to turn to poo.
This is my desk (for On my desk… on a Wednesday). I am in the middle of doing some gocco prints and it’s not going so well. The little spring which helps hold the lamp unit in to the gocco has gone, and all my inks look splodgey. Originals have been fusing to the screens and I am feeling like gocco and me were not meant to be.


This is my floor, where I did most of my printing yesterday (note splodgey ink). Today my neck, legs and arms feel as though I have been having a major work out so this afternoon I have moved it all to my desk. Lara makes it all look so easy… sigh.

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  1. Lara

    Heya, thanks for the mention!!! And (despite disasters) how awesome is that Gocco you have! That looks like the big fancy PG Arts one – very nice.I’ve had that same problem recently with originals sticking to screens and any large solid areas overheating and getting carbon stuck in the screen (and causing patchiness). And then I remembered that awhile ago I bought this stuff called “artwork cleanup paper” from Eckersleys – it’s made specifically for the Gocco and it looks like baking paper… you iron it over the surface of the original and it kind of lifts off any excess carbon. I haven’t tried it out yet but I reckon it’ll help heaps – might be worth giving it a go.

  2. mylene

    Oh my! you are back! welcome back my fav blogger! hugs! i hope the prints will work out eventually! i like the new interface although i miss the old one. oh well… that’s also becos that’s what we had for an entire year before the new old came along! gee, happy wednesday to you and all at home! amelia, lily and big-p!

  3. Jo

    oh dear! I bought one last year, and I am still toooo scared to use it… your prints look pretty good in these photos 🙂 doesn’t the ‘blotchyness’ just add to the charm?!?

  4. shannon

    My last gocco tags did that too, half my bulbs just didnt go off and then when they did it stuck and arrgghh bllaahh. So annoying as its not the cheapest venture to keep stuffing up.

  5. Kirsty

    Maybe you & the gocco just need a little time apart before you become gocco & girl. I KNOW it will be a gorgeous relationship.

  6. minkee

    I’m also really pleased you’re back 😀 I’m sure you’ll work it out with your gocco. Originals sticking is *something* to do with there being too much carbon on the original, I think – were you using the blue filter? And ink being ‘splodgey’ is something to do with the amount of pressure you apply when you print – maybe don’t press down so hard?I could be completely wrong, I’ve not had masses of experience, but good luck all the same, you can do it! *o/* <–cheerleader, see?

  7. minkee

    ah – I can see your blue filter in the screen, so I guess you did use it!

  8. sarah

    I think you can make the ink work for you, if you just add outlines by hand. Because you can usually make anything look like it was on purpose that way, and if not, it just adds character!

  9. rhelynn

    oh 🙁 Hope it starts working well for you as that is a beautiful drawing you did the other day! **sending good wishes**

  10. pip

    Yep – we’re pretty Klutzy with the Gocco too. We accidentally destroyed our stamper by getting dusty stuff on it. We always smudge our ink too.It’s a bit of a nightmare sometimes – but we are all devoted to the concept of Home Printing – so we soldier on! Why are those little globes so EXPENSIVE?! (Even though it sounds like you had a bit of a tetchy afternoon, i think they will look beautiful to everyone else.)

  11. corrie

    ohhh you’re gocco looks a bit fancier than mine…mine is orange! I’ve used mine once since my trip to japan and I must get it out soonCorrie;)

  12. admin

    Tina — it’s a PG Arts — the big expensive one. I would suggest getting a cheaper one if considering purchasing one, I think (for me anyway)the Arts is a bit over-kill.

  13. zoesquid

    I read Lara’s post too. She certainly does make it look easy. I think the blotchiness adds to the charm of the print anyway.

  14. melissa

    I had always wondered what a gocco looked like! I think the prints look great.

  15. jek

    Your gocco looks like it could beat up my gocco! Mine is teeny and I stick with one color! Welcome back! I love your print!

  16. marie

    i wonder what a gocco look like?? and how it is done?? i just came across you website..

  17. Noelia

    Im wondering, what kind of machine is that one? Its the first time i see you, i though u used a normal printer 😀

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