On my desk… on a Wednesday

Ink! And brushes!
I am not sure what I am going to turn this in to — gocco print? Embroidery? I am still playing with it. It’s meant to be Lily in our garden, hence the pumpkin leaves, cucumbers, beans and tomatoes. I haven’t drawn the possum-massacred capsicum bushes nor the forgot-to-be-watered herb pots… nor the weeds! That will be an entirely different embroidery or gocco print.
Kirsty started this little meme and just as I was wondering what I should post today, this came along. It’s nice that it’s happening on a Wednesday as I have some time to do some work on Wednesdays so can do a kind of WIP thing.
Truth be told, This isn’t actually my desk. This is the kitchen table but it was my desk for today so it kind of counts. My desk is below — and as you can see it’s got too dark to take any more photographs so that will have to do for this week.