To Bake Directly

Now that Amelia has started school I am on the look out for ideas for things to put in her lunch box. I saw these biscuits of Mym’s on Poppalina a while back and made sure to buy some smooth peanut butter so that we could make a batch and it turned out to be one of the wisest decisions I have ever made. Ok, obviously that’s a slight exaggeration as perhaps there are some other wise decisions which have been made in my lifetime — such as Amy’s NAAN (OMG! We devoured 12 naan between the four of us one night! And the left over pizza idea was brilliant the next night). But back to the peanut butter biscuits, literally… I am off to have two more.

** updated to mention that I ended up not including these in her lunch box due to the allergy risk to other kids at school**