To Bake Directly

Now that Amelia has started school I am on the look out for ideas for things to put in her lunch box. I saw these biscuits of Mym’s on Poppalina a while back and made sure to buy some smooth peanut butter so that we could make a batch and it turned out to be one of the wisest decisions I have ever made. Ok, obviously that’s a slight exaggeration as perhaps there are some other wise decisions which have been made in my lifetime — such as Amy’s NAAN (OMG! We devoured 12 naan between the four of us one night! And the left over pizza idea was brilliant the next night). But back to the peanut butter biscuits, literally… I am off to have two more.

** updated to mention that I ended up not including these in her lunch box due to the allergy risk to other kids at school**

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  1. Jill

    Ooh those look really good…. might have to make some for MY lunchbox! I also wanted to say I love the etsy peeks on the left here, I would love to shop more on etsy but find it quite tricky to navigate and find the things I really like, there is just so much stuff on there. I’ll be following some of your leads for sure 🙂

  2. louisa

    NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNN! one of my most favourite foods!!! and i love that plate too!i made choc chip gluten free anarchy cookies yesterday for my talk at Sticky about Zines and Anarchy – now i realise i should have taken photos of them! oh well… they just had Anarchy A’s on them… yummy!

    your rss feed is suddenly working again on my livejournal, YAY! so i get to see your journal entries now (i’m too lazy to travel around!) but i’m goign to have to go back and see what i missed… so you might get a flood of comments in a minute!

  3. sarah

    I’m all for Peanut Butter Cookies, but I’m pretty sure buying that plate was one of the wisest decisions you ever made. It’s rad!

  4. Claire

    Claire,I am so excited that you are back!Yours was the first blog that I found after being listed in “Website of the Week” in the Green Guide.

    I’m that other Claire that also has a first child called Amelia, who also lived over near where you used to.

    As of January 1 I now have a blog of my own, still in it’s infancy, but you were the one who inspired me first, about 4 years ago!Welcome back to the blogosphere. We all missed you.

  5. laura

    I love peanut butter cookies! Forgotten that they exist. Thanks for reminding me 😉 (Also your plate is awesome.)

  6. pip

    Right… Naan it is then… because we don’t have an oven at our new place yet… but we ARE halfway.. ok one third the way through building a woodfired oven in the yard.. and then… we will make woodfired peanut butter biscuits. I hope they don’t taste too woody though – just nutty would be good – it’s an important distinction. That plate is good, Ms LoobyLu. xx

  7. andi

    every year my kids have kids with allergies in their class… so we can’t have nuts, we can’t have eggs, we can’t have this and that… it drives me bananas (which we can have!) (apologies to anyone with allergic kids – I’m sure it’s much much worse for you).

  8. Kathryn

    Yay! So glad you’re back. I started reading Loobylu just a few months prior to you taking a leave, and am ecstatic that you’re up and running again.Also, your cookies look de-lish.

  9. Hyena In Petticoats

    Ah – ye shall never doubt the recipes of Mym……I’m convinced I should have a crack at that naan, too.

    I missed you first time ’round, so I’m popping in to see what all the hoo-haa is about…

    Is it good to be back?

    Leah xxx

  10. Louise

    Yum, we love peanuts but with school stuff I’m also worried about the kids with allergies. Try a basic anzac recipe and add choc chips or dried cranberries, dried blueberries or sunflower and pumpkin seeds – these are a huge fave with my kids. Lots of lovely fibre to keep them going until lunchtime! Must try the naan – sounds delicious!

  11. leneen

    Hi. While the biscuits really do look great, as the mother of a child with a sever peanut allergy, I implore you to not send food to school containing peanuts in any form.

  12. Elsita

    Oh Claire!I am also ALWAYS looking for new things to put in Natalie’s lunch box! The photo with the cookies and the plate is sooo cute!The cookies look very inviting!!!I will show them to Natallie!See you later!Elsita 🙂

  13. Violet & Rose

    I have some great biscuit recipes that involve peanut butter and it irks me a little that I cannot put them in my girls lunch boxes.Perhaps not as irked as the mother of a child with a nut allergy would be if I did sent them though, however.

    Remember to pack that plate for the vintage caravan holiday!

  14. tiel

    I heard a rumor that you were back….with my son starting school and my daughter starting kindy, I’ve been trying to deliver the lunch box goods too.

    Successes so far have been,

    carrot, cranberry, cinnamon bake. I blogged the recipe

    today I made pumpkin scones. (flo’s recipe on google). My son doesn’t eat pumpkin, but ate 3 of these straight out of the oven.

    pita bread wraps with salad and cold meat…you could have anything.

    A simple boiled egg, either shelled or still in its shell with a funny face…depends on the environment they eat in.

    gherkins…..they love them.

    glad you are back, make sure you don’t let yourself become a slave to all the emails and comments. enjoy the blogging.

  15. di

    Mmmmm yummy- I remember home made peanut butter cookies from my childhood. I guess peanut allergies were less common then.Welcome back to blogging too!

  16. Nikki

    HiHave just discovered you’re back – have missed your blog- it was the first one I read and loved!

  17. Cherie

    Hi,Saw that you were back blogging via Dooce so I thought I’d take a scroll through your previous posts and saw this. I know how the non anaphylaxis mums feel about not being able to give their kids peanut butter in their lunchbox. Just thought you might like to know that there is a product called Eskal Free Nut Butter available at Coles (and the other big chains I suppose?). Made from sunflower seeds, it really does taste, spread, bake etc just like peanut butter (I was a bit sceptical when I first tried it). Anyway, as a mum to a son with severe peanut allergy THANKS for rethinking peanut butter cookies in the lunchbox. We appreciate it!



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