My child the problem solver

Yesterday afternoon I was changing Lily’s nappy and it was a complicated affair as it sometimes can be. I could hear Amelia down in the playroom thumping around, tipping toys out of boxes and so on, as she does. I called down to her to ask what she was up to.
“I’m pretending to be Bob the Builder!” she replied. That sounded harmless enough so I kept changing Lily. And then just as I finished I had to start over, as you sometimes need to do.

Finally she was all done so I took her back the the lounge room and put her on the mat and watched her start to roll and roll and I started to put some cups in the dishwasher.

And then Amelia called “Mum, I need some help!”. There was no panic in her voice what-so-ever, but for some reason I felt a sudden desperate lurch, probably remembering that I had meant to check on her Bob the Builder antics as soon as I was free, and I ran down the hall to the playroom.

For a moment I couldn’t locate her in all the mess…

“Where are you?” I bleated a little stupidly.

“Here!” and I turned to see her in the corner near the bookcase, looking like this:

In fact, I have drawn the whole structure to look much more solid than it actually was. It was literally teetering.

“Can you help me reach the paints?” She asked. She was trying to get the pots of paint down from the very top of the highest (2 metre) bookcase and when I saw that she had some of the pots already on the floor and had already started to paint various surfaces I realised she had been climbing up and down this stack for some time. ARGGH!

After lifting her down to safety, I looked around and in the mess I saw other smaller teetering structures which had obviously been tried and failed attempts at getting high enough before finally settling on her Tower of Doom. One consisted of her small kid’s table, a stool, a doll’s mattress and a plastic basket which looked far scarier than any other. I spent the rest of yesterday afternoon in a state of mild shock at what could have been. I spent a lot of time pondering how you can have a playroom which has no boxes, chairs, benches, stools, tables, paint, bookcases or stackable items of any nature and instead has close-circuit video cameras, alarms and maybe some… ummm… cushions to play with. FAR better.