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1. last request, 2. thrift find, 3. p_0385.jpg, 4. p_0386.jpg, 5. Sheppy, 6. I got a code id by dose, 7. 1800’s Homestead, 8. poke cake, 9. ANOTHER RAINY SUNDAY, 10. p e e k . a . b o o, 11. Owly tea for me, 12. Xana & Brownie, 13. Purple WIP – Let¬¥s get back to work…, 14. flor, 15. ben flappin, 16. Living room

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    i know this is unrelated to your current post, but i was wondering…on the spicy bean & sausage stew what type of sausage do you use? is it the linked sausage in casings or another type? our current cold (-6F) & snowy days are just asking for me to make this!


    just read your hot weather blues.
    Hello. I am from Boston Massahusetts, USA.
    Its freezing here!
    have not been able to take my 2 year old outside fr days. She has learned to unlock the medicine cabinet. Imagine the horror. Or maybe you don’t have to remember 🙂

    Enjoy the beach!


    Claire: I went to my local bookshop yesterday and saw the little ‘Letters’ book you illustrated! I quickly bought one and told the shop assistant ‘I know this girl and she is brilliant!’ I am putting it away for Lola. I just love it.


    how cute! love your pics.
    oh and thank you for being the only person who says the name of the flickr toy and not just “by using flickr’d toys”.

    i appreciate it 🙂

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