Crazy us (me and my eyebrows)

I have been so grumpy these last few days! Maybe it’s just the heat… It would be too cruel if it was a result of too much sleep. Perhaps it’s something to do with dropping the overnight feed and the change in hormone levels.
Breastfeeding hormones have a lot to answer for.

Firstly, I am losing vast amounts of hair. It happened last time in the months after Amelia was born (and strangely when I worked at Wishlist… who knows what that was about, certainly not breastfeeding) and I know it’s only temporary but it’s a little disconcerting to be shedding with such abandon. It worries me when I cook, and it annoys me all day as I feel little spider feet running across my arms and shoulders, only to realise it’s just another stray hair or two or three.

And secondly… my eyebrows have gone crazy! I have been going to have them, um, “seen to” about every six weeks until now but it’s just not often enough! Last time I went to visit the kindly, motherly beautician she said: “Wow! Your eyebrows lead you into the room! It’s time to do something about that! Hooee, I don’t think I have ever seen them this bad! Wow! Those hormones are really doing it to you, hey?”.

I come from a family of generously eyebrowed folks, and it’s something I have always just accepted as being part of “me”. In fact during parts of my 20s I was incredibly proud of my lush bohemian brows. But now in my mid 30s I never bargained on my caterpillar brows becoming more like mutant mad-professor brows. And I never thought that it would be coupled with frightening hair loss, all potentially making me look scarily like my late Grandfather who was something of a bald, wild-eyebrowed, mad professor type.

So there you have it. Some things you probably didn’t want to know about me… perhaps I was crazy to post this as I know people in real life who read this blog and who I will now become increasingly paranoid around when having them over for dinner or bumping into them on the street. As we chat I will be mentally barking “I KNOW YOU ARE LOOKING AT MY EYEBROWS!”… and now that I’ve written that, they will be working very hard not to look at my eyebrows. Actually, if we have them over to dinner, they will be wise not to look at my eyebrows at all but to keep a keen eye on their dinner… unless I invest in a hairnet in the not too distant future.

(Did my social calendar just suddenly become spookily empty?).