The wardrobe of my dreams

Yesterday morning Big-P, Lily, Amelia and I all rushed off to IKEA — taking full advantage of the fact that we had all slept pretty well (and again last night!) and felt we could handle the whole IKEA experience with kids. It was still pretty mad and not something we would want to do every day but we came out with loads of good things.

I had found an IKEA catalogue in amongst all the 2002/2003 Cleo and Cosmo magazines down at the beach house and had spent several hours pouring over it’s pages (like a fool, I hadn’t packed a novel) and made a list of things that we needed. Above you can see the Hemnes wardrobe which doesn’t seem to be on the IKEA Australia site, but is definitely in-store. I love it. It’s being delivered this afternoon for Lily’s room as we still have piles of her stuff and boxes of nappies all over her floor. This is mainly why I haven’t included any photos of the ‘finished’ nursery — because it is far from finished. Pictures and shelves still need to be hung, stuff put away and that quilt is still sitting in my cupboard, half-stitched and mocking me.

But this wardrobe! I LOVE it! I think I said that already, but how cute will some fabric bags look hanging from that side peg? And some cute vintage suitcases piled on top on the luggage rack? And maybe I should even paint something on the doors… I could submit my ideas to IKEA Hacker (via Yvestown).

My copy of Children’s Rooms London arrived from Amazon Japan yesterday, which is fabulous, just as are Children’s Rooms Stockholm (on Amazon JP ) and Children’s Rooms Paris (on Amazon JP) and I am much inspired. The rooms featured in these books are loaded with (sometimes hacked) IKEA goodness, but all are so full of fun and mess and personal expression. Each room is truly a little nest perfect for its inhabitant.