Proud illustrating mum

Amelia has discovered how fun it is to draw. It kind of crept up on us as previously she would stop to scribble something for maybe 30 seconds or so before careening off to do something else, but suddenly she is spending literally hours at the kitchen table wearing out her felt tip markers as she devises complex scenes or sweetly simple portraits. She has filled a new photo album with dozens of tiny portraits of all of her stuffed animals and dolls with a few family members thrown in for good measure. The picture above is of Lily’s new doll, and one of my favourites is this picture of Lily asleep in her car seat:

and then there is this lovely picture of me:

You can tell it’s me – with my post Christmas generous girth, my eyes like saucers and my delightful floral hat!

Sitting next to her at the kitchen table while I draw in my sketch book or do a little sewing is one of the nicest things… that and holding a freshly bathed sleeping baby. If only both girls would sleep! Ahhh!