Bean planning

Today it was warm but it also rained a little in the morning, we had our first harvest (see above!), and I drank champagne at lunch with my parents… Big-P made pizza for dinner and I had a moment to quietly sit and read a book in the afternoon while Lily played happily on the rug and Amelia spent some quality time with ABC Kids online. It was a very nice first day of the year.

As I mentioned the other day I have lots of resolutions and lots of plans for 2007. Writing them here is an excellent way of committing to them, so here they are (the ones I can think of right now, anyway):

– Write and illustrate that children’s book
– Finish Lily’s cot quilt
– Drink more water, exercise more, eat better, cook more (take-away less), live greener
– Finally put together Christina’s website
– Garden more
– More dates with Big-P
– More laughs with my girls
– Clean up the house, especially the studio so that it’s a pleasure to work in

And some other things:

– Make marshmallows
– Paint the kitchen wall
– Stitch more, worry less
– Update Loobylu more
– Cut my hair short short short
– Find more reasons to drink champagne
– Let go more

hmmmm… that’s it for now, but I am sure there will be more.

Here are some great New Year’s resolutions websites:

The Happiness Project
The Worsted Witch
52 Projects
Fly Lady
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