New Year’s is a coming

An unlikely couple!

Christmas was lovely. Easy, fun, lots of laughs and enough presents yet not too many and both girls loved the dolls. Amelia spent a full minute or so cuddling her monster saying “Thank you mummy!” which was all I needed and Lily immediately started chomping on her doll which indicates love, I am sure.

I am taking a three week break from updating and I can’t tell you how LOVELY it is to be doing nothing for a few days. NOTHING! While Kiddley is a great joy, it is also a great commitment and to have some time where commitments just slip away for a while is a fabulous thing.

We have been doing lots of mooching around in our pjs, colouring in, eating left over plum pudding and reading our Christmas books.

I am conserving my energy ready to leap in to my New Year’s resolutions. I have lots as usual, all about balance and organic food, walking every day, eating more Green & Blacks white chocolate etc. etc., but also about things I have been putting off… like.. I am finally going to start writing and illustrating a children’s book in the first part of the year. While I have done illustrations for others I have never actually created my very own book and I have been meaning to since I was 11, so it’s about time. About bloody time!

I have an idea, and a I have a main character with a great name… so to mark my commitment I opened a sketch book yesterday and did a very quick first pass on how she might look:

That’s as far as I have got. As you can see, I have a lot of work to do. But stay tuned!

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    I am quite certain that whatever you come up with will be a roaring success.Any book you write, I know I will buy and read to my Kindergarten class.
    Good luck with it!


    How wonderful! I’m totally with you about starting that first book…I have plans as well! Good luck and I know you’ll do wonderfully. 🙂


    Good luck, and we’ll be waiting with bated breath to get our hands on your (no doubt) fabulous book…


    I love the doll and the ugly monster, they are just sooo cute. Cant wait to see what book you write. I bought my daughter the little postal book that you illustrated, and she said she did not want to use it yet as the pictures were too pretty. How cute from a 5 yr old to say that, and I cant stop looking at the pictures either, just so adorable. Good luck with your writing and hear from you soon. Happy New Year!


    That is fantastic news – we’re all behind you! I have sent so many friends to view your Ugly Doll- it is quite simply the cutest thing ever 🙂


    How I love your site! I have been visiting it every few days or so and love the creative aspect of it as well as the links to other wonderful sites. I wish your beautiful family good health, happiness and fun in 2007 and look forward to hearing more in the New Year!Kind Regards,


    Oh did you make the pink uglydoll? I have a blue one like it, which I named after an ex-crush of mine.
    I think those dools are so sweet, with their funny misplaced eyes. Mine has one eye and is blue >_<. It was given to me as a birthday present from a friend, who also realised how much I fell in love with it everytime I passed by it in the shopwindow.

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