WIP – Lily’s Christmas stocking

This is a detail from the Christmas stocking that I am whipping up for Lily. It’s almost exactly the same design as the one I made for Amelia two years ago but using different fabrics, buttons and trim. Perhaps I should have come up with an entirely unique design but I kind of like the matchy-matchy thing, and the different fabrics make an enormous difference. Plus there is the mad rush to the finish and a couple of other gifts which need some speedy resolution.

Speaking of counting down to the big day, our advent activities have sadly fallen by the wayside this year. Nobody seems to have the energy for joyous activities in the evenings at the moment – it seems to be enough just to get through dinner and baths and bedtime stories without falling over — neither girl is sleeping terribly well and so our days are running a little on autopilot. Apart from the lack of energy, Amelia also seems quite disappointed with each activity after they are read out to her in the mornings. When she heard that the we will be making cookies we were met with “What? Another cooking one? SIGH” and I have also heard “When can we do something fun?” and “When will be doing something like last year?”. Even the ones she is remotely interested in get forgotten during the day, and begrudgingly followed through if reminded. I liked the idea of “Make a family tree” but I could tell by Amelia’s expression that she thought it was a stinker. I will have to rethink this next year. Tonight’s “Play Katamari Damacy” was by far the most popular but I don’t know if I am keen on the idea of 24 video game nights. Hmmm. Maybe Andrea’s Christmas Fun Jar is the way to go.