A little black and white cat comes to visit us on the front deck every morning and Amelia is besotted. There is a gift wrapped (a small rubber ball for chasing) and placed under the tree ready for “Jessie” and she spends vast amounts of time sitting by the front window waiting to catch a glimpse so she can dash outside for a quick conversation with her new best friend.

She can’t sit outside and wait because it’s hard to breath out there. The sky is a pale orange today, and everything smells like smoke. I woke in the night and wondered if perhaps the house was on fire, but then realised it’s still the bush fire smoke blowing across the city. I suddenly started noticing how dry the suburbs are when I was driving around a couple of days ago. Lawns are dead, bushes are dying, dust and smoke hang in the air and inside we are cutting out snowflakes from paper which hang in garlands and dance in the air conditioning.

I am feeling a little tired of 2006, but rather than feeling gloomy about it I am already planning projects (home, web and craft) and resolutions for 2007. Hopefully 2007 will bring some great changes or at least some rain.