Moomin cookies

A lovely parcel arrived today — some Moomin cookie cutters from Hanna. Thank you Hanna! It’s warm and revoltingly smoky outside but it smells a little like Christmas inside.

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    Moomin cookie cutters!

    (How strange – 90 seconds ago, I didn’t even know such a thing existed…. now I find myself strangely coveteous of them….)

    Lucky girl!


    Ooh! Wonderful! Where do you find moomin cookie cutters?


    Sad news – I had been trying to find out why the Leslie Harpold Advent Calendar hadn’t been updated, and according to Kottke.Org, Leslie passed away.


    I`ve seen moomintroll cutters before here in Finland, but I don`t think I`ve seen one shaped like Little My. So sweet! I have to start looking for it tomorrow. …It`s funny that I, a Finn, get to know such things exist by reading a blog by you, an Australian. Love the blogging world!


    Hi Loobylu,
    Just discovered your blog via the happiness project and i love. Spent a year in Brisbane a few years ago with my family and such an amazing time. Hop on over to kstyle for a visit. think you might enjoy. k


    Hi Claire.
    Love your work !
    I would buy one of the Spaceboy ‘nappybags’ for a friend, but is it possible to get it without the slogan ?

    Also found your letter-writing book on prominant display at my local bookstore yesterday – the illustrations drew me to it immediately ( and right by the Charlie & Lola books .. good location ! 🙂


    ( P.S. – tried to make this comment for the PREVIOUS post .. but commenting was playing up for me .. )


    Hi love those cookie cutters. where can I get some?I’m in canada.

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