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These are the last 10 blogs I have subscribed to:
The Happiness Project

Green Kitchen

Free People

Lost in Transition

The Argyle Academy

Chocolate à chuva

Kidding Around

On My Desk



16 Responses to “Quick links”

  1. gretchenrubin@nyc.rr.com

    Hello, it’s Gretchen from the Happiness Project blog. What a thrill to see my blog listed on your delightful list–you made me very happy! The feeling is mutual. All the best, Gretchen

  2. rothbamberg@mac.com

    Great list. Would love to see your whole list – and find out how you make time to read them all. Sometimes I’m afraid to discover any more amazingness on the web because I can barely keep up with my current addictions!

  3. tsmb1970333@yahoo.com

    I always find the most interesting blogs through your site.
    Just how do you find so many jewels?

  4. sophia@krokodillos.com

    Hi Claire, thankyou very much for your link to the Happiness Project, I am finding it incredibly helpful and inspiring! Also, thanks for all your ideas for parents and kids… motherhood and the associated changes has been a bit of a shock for me, my boy is now 10 months, and I am looking forward to using many of the ideas and links you have!

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