W.I.P. Friday – Quilted doll’s dress

I have been hand quilting the little dress for Lily’s doll and I love doing it. I am not sure if I am doing it correctly but it seems to be working ok. And the binding is a little wonky but the colours work well with the Denyse Schmidt print so I’m happy. Inside is a lovely buttery yellow flannel which is a pleasure to catch a glimpse of.

Tomorrow we put up the christmas tree. We are going to pick up my Grandmother (and some brioche from the local french bakery) in the morning and bring her back so she can sit at the couch and laugh at us attempting to put all the branches of our fake tree in the right spots. I am looking forward to it – there is nothing nicer than opening up the ornament box and rediscovering all the lovely little things. Now… if only I can remember where I stashed the box. I swore I put it under the house but Big-P assures me that it’s not there. Hmmm.

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  1. tartchef@yahoo.com

    We nearly “lost” Christmas last year… we’d moved in the spring, and when it came time to get the holiday things out, we couldn’t find the box anywhere. I even called our subletter, to see if we’d left it in our storage locker. Eventually, J remembered that he’d stashed the box in an old trunk that we used as a stereo table… we’d been sitting not 2 feet from it the entire time! Now the box is clearly labeled & in a place of honor in our bedroom closet 🙂

  2. ssimon678@yahoo.com

    I am so looking forward to a lovely little Christmas – the best part is decorating the tree. Still have to wait a few weeks though, but my finance and I will be spending Christmas with my parents – I can’t wait! I’ve probably been lurky on your site for a year now – and I enjoy your posts very much. Quite creative!

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