November 30, 2006

It’s the last day of November and I managed to post every day of the month. Most of the posts even seemed quite cheery.
In the end I quite enjoyed it, most days anyway. I feel like it has got me back into the swing of it all again which I really needed to do after Lily’s arrival and my blogging hit an all time low (four posts in two months!?). It’s also got me thinking about my craft pursuits again, and taking more photos and thinking about writing a book – so that’s all a wonderful bi-product of a seemingly daunting task.

And what about December? I would love to keep up this pace but school holidays descend upon us as does Christmas madness and in truth it would be lovely to have some evenings where there is absolutely nothing that needs doing after 8pm except cleaning my teeth so I am not going to set myself any crazy tasks.

But there you go. Whoo-hoo! And now I must away because there is an advent calendar which needs making.