Night waking

My baby likes to wake at night. She’s a little owl.
Today I am tired tired tired.
But I did manage to pop out and buy some polystyrene cones and beads to start making a few of these beauties (via Alex). It seems I having trouble stringing sentences together, so it’s early to bed. Goodnight!

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    I can sympathise. I was awake last night to both of mine…both with night terrors/mares. It is the 2-3am hour that seems to be the most notorious. And even now whilst typing, I hear a little munchkin coming out of his room!


    I feel your pain. My little guy (5 mos) likes to wake up 4-5 times a night. I now have a very clear understanding of why sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture. Hang in there.

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