Some pics part 2

1-2 A scan from an old Home Companion magazine
3 I’m almost 100% sure this is a Cath Kidston store… and I found it either on or via a blog very recently. I thought it was from yvestown but going back I can’t find it. LOVE the red bed.
4. Pretty sure this was from ebay
5. Japanese craft book?
6. Japanese craft book?
7. Ebay
8. Lost in Translation
9. I have no idea where I got this or who it’s by. I can’t read the signature at the bottom right
10. From a Japanese craft book – pretty sure it’s from this one
11 – 13 Are all from a Japanese craft book about making retro dolls – if anyone can tell me the ISBN of this one I would be so happy.
14 No idea! Must be a Japanese craft book
15. I think this one was from a Japanese craft book about making bags. Not sure what the title or ISBN is.

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    Again wonderful images. I really enjoy these posts. I love the Lost in Translation picture. I have to give that movie another chance. Also, I need to buy myself a wig like that.


    I have a similar folder in my computor – and a book of clippings, recently started:

    I’ve been waiting for interour design projects in your blog since I saw the emty rooms when you moved in – will be looking forward to see you get to work!


    Mmmmm… tasty eye candy, thanks! I blogged pic #3 last year, but you prolly didn’t see it. I got it from the web site of the Lisa Luby Ryan shop in Dallas. They carry Cath so it night be from Cath’s site or taken at the Dallas store. In any case, that bed is great!

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