Some pics part 2

1-2 A scan from an old Home Companion magazine
3 I’m almost 100% sure this is a Cath Kidston store… and I found it either on or via a blog very recently. I thought it was from yvestown but going back I can’t find it. LOVE the red bed.
4. Pretty sure this was from ebay
5. Japanese craft book?
6. Japanese craft book?
7. Ebay
8. Lost in Translation
9. I have no idea where I got this or who it’s by. I can’t read the signature at the bottom right
10. From a Japanese craft book – pretty sure it’s from this one
11 – 13 Are all from a Japanese craft book about making retro dolls – if anyone can tell me the ISBN of this one I would be so happy.
14 No idea! Must be a Japanese craft book
15. I think this one was from a Japanese craft book about making bags. Not sure what the title or ISBN is.