Moomin this, moomin that

This basket is currently in residence on our kitchen table. It makes me feel cheerful just looking at it. We have a bit of a Moomin craze going on at the moment. Big-P is reading Amelia Moomin Valley in November at bedtimes which means all things moomin permeate everything else.

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    aw, i love moomins too. i need to read more of the books. i think i probably have enough toys though – they have somehow grown into quite a little collection at my house! 🙂


    Moomin toys!! I never knew you could get moomin toys!! I LOVE moomins! I wonder if I can get them in Britain… You bought them in Australia, right?


    I didn’t know of these Moomins but I’ll definitely check them out!
    You might want to ask Big-P about The Secret World of Og. It’s by a famous Canadian kook (author) and it’s a wonderful story. Franklin is really into it right now and as he and Ameila are preactially the same age, it might be right for her too.

    I just blogged about the story (and the author) (and various other strange things that found their way into the post).


    I received my Drawn and Quarterly Moomin book this week and it’s WONDERFUL! Wish I could find some of those wonderful toys like you have…

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