Some pics part 1

I have a folder on my desk top called MISC which is a place where I quickly save images from the web which I find inspiring. It’s a little like the digital version of my scrapbooks. When I am feeling in need of a quick visual buzz I browse through the images which seem to be mostly taken from Japanese craft books. The only problem is that I haven’t made any note of where these images come from, which is fine while I remember, but a couple of years on and I have no idea. So here are a few images from this folder, and if anybody recognises where they come from please leave a comment.

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    what I want to know is how you find your way to such lovely visual imagery. Maybe you could blog a little journey for us. Can’t help you with the pictures sorry


    i think the 2nd last image may be from whiney the website??


    Ooh, you find such beautiful pictures, Claire. I second the request for a little web-tour sometime.
    And I want a real house that looks just like the Moomintroll house. It’s so beautiful!


    cute images… i have a similar file called “craft ideas” on my computer… sometimes it gets too big and i save it to CD. i usually rename the files with the name of the website or the artist to keep track of where they came from, but a lot of the early ones i have no idea.


    #6 can be found in a set of Chronicle Books notecards–i know because I’ve got ’em! though i’d bet the illustrations can also be found elsewhere.
    you can find the cards at Amazon US at this link (sorry it is long!):

    what lovely images- i hope people can help you track down the rest of the sources!


    I don’t know where it’s from, but I have that same “l’acrobate” image saved on my computer! By the way, I love your blog, although I’ve never commented on it in the year or so since I discovered it.


    OT, but do I understand that you are no longer doing illustrations on commission? Thanks…


    This might not work, but if you have saved them with the original file names, try doing a google image search for the file name, plus a description??


    You might want to try using Google Notebook to “clip and save” images from the web with URLs intact. If you use Firefox as your browser, there’s even a nifty little extension that lets you do it all using highlighting and right-clicking!


    Beautiful, cute, and whimsical images! I’d expect nothing less from Loobylu!
    Ahh..I have that Moomintroll house in my digital scrapbook too!

    That’s a sweet bed in the first image, and I love the antique-looking images, especially the seamstress.


    The eleventh picture reminds me of my childhood in germany. As I was a little child, we used to watch the “sandman” from eastern germany on the TV an I loved it. Already in that time it was a bit old fashioned 😉 Have a look at

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