Pling plink pling pling plunk

Today was going to be my Christmas shopping day (trying to keep it to the minimum this year ) – but I couldn’t have picked a worse day weather-wise… Snow?! I have sent Amelia off to Kinder in her thermal underwear and her woolly hat while she lamented that there hasn’t been as many “short sleeves days” as I had promised would be the case as we come towards the end of Spring. Lily is lying quietly tucked up in bed, looking at her hands in between naps, which is really what any sensible girl would be doing on a day like this. With two weeks until Summer, and weather gurus talking about it being another scorcher, I am not sure how many of us were ready for this cold snap.

Regardless of whether we do actually get any snow here, it has started to hail so I am afraid for my little tomato plants newly living in the ground. Perhaps it will make them hardier… perhaps that’s wishful thinking.