A quiet evening

Today there was so much rain! I haven’t got a huge amount to say today, but I found this poem which I like so here it is:
I dwell in Possibility –
A fairer House than Prose-
More numerous of Windows-
Superior- for Doors-

Of Chambers as the Cedars-
Impregnable of Eye-
And for an Everlasting Roof-
The Gambrels of the Sky-

Of Visitors- the fairest-
For Occupation- This-
The spreading wide my narrow Hands-
To gather Paradise-

-Emily Dickinson

6 Responses to “A quiet evening”

  1. chrishel00@yahoo.com

    Love this poem, I read it for a class once in grade school. 🙂
    Am also loving this NaBloPoMo because everyday I get a LoobyLu treat!

  2. gmorgan10@hotmail.com

    hi loobylu
    i dont have a comment exactly. Rather, a question.

    I’m having my first family christmas at home this year, and i want to make it really fun, colourful, and most of all – cost-effective!

    Are there any websites you can suggest? like crazy japanese or minimalist swedish ones, or something?

    And are you planning anything wonderful for your christmas?

    I’d love your help! 🙂



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