Interior motive

A strange thing happened to me over the last 8 months or so. I forgot why we are living in this house. I forgot that we love it because it’s quirky. For some reason I forgot that when we bought the house we intended to do all sorts of crazy-fun-us kinds of things around the place and instead I have been worrying about things we could do to the house to increase it’s resale value. I am not sure why this happened but it has meant I started worrying that if we painted the kitchen pink or red or if we added a mural in the bathroom then it might put off future buyers.
One day last week a few more Paumes books arrived from Amazon Japan and I was sitting up in bed feeling mesmerized (as I do) by the beautiful and bizarre interiors that Paumes favours and suddenly I remembered all the things we wanted to do, the feeling we wanted to create. Who knows when we may end up selling this place. We may have another 20 years here! Who knows? So I have dug out my old inspiration books and have started flicking through the pages again. These are clothbound sketch books where I glue in favourite clippings from magazines – mostly of interiors, all collected over the last five years.

A quick flick through reminds me of what I seem to be naturally drawn to – lots of colour and texture, whimsy and mayhem – collections of oddments and life-bits. These are some random (literally) pages I opened to when I had my camera out: