Japanese Dreaming

For the longest time I have been looking for some fabric to make Amelia some cushions for her room… and tonight I found it on a Japanese fabric site. Only to discover that it has sold out! Ahhh!

My parents and my brother’s family all leave for Japan this coming weekend for fun and frolicking at the World Hot Air Balloon Championships followed by some touring around the country… and I can not tell you how incredibly jealous I am. So to keep smiling I am planning a big family trip to Japan in 2010. Yes, it seems ridiculously far away but it’s only four years and Lily will be a good age to travel with and it gives me a lot of time to do a bunch of special projects which will all add to my special “Holiday to Japan Fund”.

On the agenda? Well, already there’s Studio Ghibili and fabric shopping and mountains, trains, temples and food… and… and .. and… but now to bed and to sleep.