Christmas dolls again

Lyn posted her beautiful Ruby doll the other day and I looked at the hair (as well as the rest of the doll) with complete awe! I must admit to being slightly relieved when she revealed today that the hair was a challenge — because hair on dolls is one thing I have vast amounts of difficulties with.
I have cut all the pieces out for my two little Christmas dolls but before I stitch them all together I need to work out what to do about their hair. Lily’s especially needs to have hair that she won’t choke on and that will withstand a great deal of chewing, so I think yarn is out.

The times I have tried stitching on yarn for hair it has been a pretty big disaster… perhaps it’s something that needs a lot of practice before you get your technique down. In the mean time I am going to experiment with Hillary’s Make-a-long doll idea of having stitched on felt hair or something similar.

I have also decided I am going to make them little quilted dresses to make them even more cuddly. That might be a challenge for me, never having quilted anything before.

Well I think that has to be my entry for today. So far it’s been 100% when it comes to NaBloPoMo — but I am incredibly tired tonight, as I am fighting off another cold which has moved rapidly through the entire family. My further thinkings into puddings, dolls and motherhood (oh-so hard today) will have to wait when I have a little more energy. Now it’s time to change a nappy, make some tea and kick back and watch some reality tv (probably while pacing around the room rocking and patting a non-sleeping baby).