WIP Friday

Ah yes, I really do feel I am getting my spirit back. My Work in Progress for this week is two little dolls for two little girls (mine).
I am finally revisiting the idea of the Windy Woods Girls. I haven’t done any toy making since February so I am feeling very rusty and a little apprehensive. I have been visiting all the usual blog-haunts for some inspiration but have decided to try adapting ye olde cat pattern rather than starting a-fresh… just to make it a little easier. But because I haven’t done anything since February I couldn’t find all my pattern pieces so last night I spent time printing out what I do have in Illustrator and then tracing them onto tissue.

And now to decide what fabric to use. That’s a big task in itself…

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  1. michelle@rahussey.com

    Claire it’s good to see you back at it! I’ve been slacking myself, although for MUCH different reasons: my studio is being renovated with the rest of the basement. We were busy enough this summer that I didn’t really miss it too much, but I’m starting to get all twitchy now.
    Congrats on all the new developments around here….very nice to see you posting more, too!!

  2. maisiecat@hotmail.com

    here’s one of the best hints I’ve ever been given: use vilyne(sp?)interfacing to trace your patterns onto. It’s easy to see through, you often don’t need to pin it ‘cos it clings a little ,it’s really strong & doesn’t rip, it’s cheap to buy, & it comes in nice big pieces so you don’t have to piece it together for making garment patterns. I use felt pens or ball-points for tracing & colour code the patterns so I can find the pieces easily when using multi-sized master copies.

  3. tsmb1970333@yahoo.com

    Sometimes, I come to your blog just to see the pretty materials and what you create with them.
    Have fun.

  4. melissa_beckham@hotmail.com

    Glad to see I’m not the only “reconstituting patterns from time to time — mkes me feel like an archeologist. Gratly enjoy your blog /photos / voice!

  5. spookydollkid@hotmail.com

    oh the joy in seeing all that pretty collected fabric! I;ve got a stash myself (which is a bit smaller though), and i was afraid of being called a hoarder by my dad and guy friends. now i just know I dont have enough room to have a proper place for it.

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