…She gets around

How incredibly gorgeous is this crochet rug from Cath Kidston? I told Big-P that I had found my Christmas present but after a quick calculation of the exchange rate (ahh! sob!) I have decided that I am going to have to learn how to crochet afghan squares. Luckily my mum has a pretty good grasp of crochet so hopefully we can nut it out together. I have found a web page which looks useful with lots of different variations on the square so I know what I am doing when we go down to Venus Bay in January! It will probably be pretty insane sitting on a beach in scorching temperatures crocheting a wool rug.

Speaking of crafting – I got my copy of Craft: in the mail last week and can’t wait to find some time to delve into it. I have turned the corner down on the page with the article on Diana Eng, Mary Belton’s article on creepy cute dolls, Jill Bliss’s Gocco piece and the article on screen printing at home. I have subscribed and am looking forward to receiving these in the future. Big-P subscribes to Make: (I guess we are a true geek couple) but the last two issues failed to arrive. We have our theories about this, so fingers crossed that Craft: doesn’t appeal to the same geeky postal worker with sticky fingers.

Speaking of crafting (part two) – Plush You II looks amazing! Possibly even better than last year. I like Blair’s flickr photos.