To do

A warm wind is whipping about the house today, rattling the loose outdoor blinds and making me feel restless. I haven’t even had a coffee and I am feeling jangly. Lily is fast asleep after an intense screeching session which had me worrying (as you do when a baby screeches for no apparent reason). I discovered nasty eczema behind her knees this morning, I guess she didn’t escape the family curse after all. Amelia is off at Kinder and I am missing her noise and her mess. Did I just write that? Do I really? I think I sort of do!
Most mornings now I wake up with enough energy to feel good about the approaching day. It’s a very nice change. Lily hit the three month mark and life started getting better again. Mind you, I have been taking a lot of the very kind advice I was offered in my comments regarding my immune system and have only had a very mild cold (perhaps even just hayfever) since then which makes an enormous difference to my mood and my ability to cope. Warmer days probably help too.

And now there are so many things I want to do! I found a little notebook the other day in which I used to keep a list of my weekly, monthly and yearly goals. I think I started it back when I was doing the Artist’s Way. I had so much time then, and my lists were so short. Yesterday I started a new page and wrote a list of things I want to do this month and the list was enormous. Mind you, a lot of them are things like “sort Amelia’s clothes – store outgrown items” and “eradicate spiders from front deck” where as in the olden days they were more like “practice yoga 5 times a week” and “contact 6 publishers with my folio”.

We have a bunch of house projects that need doing – a guy is coming out tomorrow to give us a quote on putting in some windows in the kitchen where we need more light. This of course will then lead to another project which is how to screen off the neighbours outside these windows. And then there’s the thought that big North facing windows will mean lots of heat coming in during the Summer… so outdoor blinds will be on the agenda. And then there’s all the planting that needs doing for our Summer veggie patch…

On top of all that, craft project ideas are starting to creep back into my mind. I have been staring wistfully at my fabric stash and contemplating making some cushions – it’s important to take baby steps after all. Anything more makes me feel a bit overwhelmed. I might buy a copy of Hillary’s pattern and try making an Olive for Lily for Christmas. That might be achievable!