Spot the baby

Today the clean laundry pile threatened to engulf the entire house. Here is the photographic evidence. You see? I really wasn’t kidding about the laundry pile. (See larger).

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    At least it’s clean… ours isn’t piled up like that because it’s usually still sitting in the dryer! Evan (our new guy) has also been known to sleep in the laundry basket.


    Now that’s the life! Just hanging out in laundry and not having a care in the world. Instead of dreading laundry and worrying about everything 24/7. To be a baby again…


    but she looks so relaxed! which proves my theory that not only do small children create large piles of laundry, they do it for their own happiness and wellbeing. just plonk ’em on top and hope none of it needs washing again by the time you come back. i read somewhere that covering yourself in warm, clean laundry can help you sleep. as opposed to covering yourself in dirty laundry, which would just send you insane.


    If only I lived round the corner from you, I’d come over and fold it all away for you just for a chance to see that beautiful baby in the real world. She has such a lovely face!


    Babies are not that different from cats it would appear.
    I think you’re doing pretty damn well to have a massive clean pile of washing instead of a dirty one.


    That looks like my house most Saturday mornings, but without the baby! And hey! We have the same bed!
    (Lily look very comfortable and happy – who could blame her?)


    That’s awesome! I can’t stop laughing. It really doesn’t get too critical tho until you run out of underwear, right? Right?!??! 🙂


    what a sweet little face. i wish i could just touch her sweet delicate skin! there’s just nothing like a little baby – my baby is now 2 and a half, and there won’t be anymore.
    as for the laundry.. it’s time to just put out 3 baskets, kid #1, kid #2, parents, and start tossing them in, and then STUFF it all in drawers! Sometimes you can’t bother with all that pretty folding, and this is one of those times! 🙂


    That photo makes me smile. a. because I just want to grab those cute little chubby cheeks and bounce Lily on my knee (Did that sound deranged?) and b. someone else has a pile of folding/ironing as big as mine. Thanks for sharing.


    the laundry pile’s pretty sexy too! 😉 looks like mine – it just gets so overwhelming!


    What a relief that other moms are going through the same thing! Our laundry pile has been threatening to overwhelm the house for weeks. Our 6 month old boy is sick, and it’s been impossible to get anything done around the house. Thanks for the laugh, and for helping me remember that I’m not alone in this! 🙂


    :^D Looks like my house (including the baby). So, don’t worry about it – you’re not alone, and you make other people feel like they’re not alone in the process! Wahey!


    I don’t know if you know this, but little ones don’t have the dexterity to fold laundry right off. It’s nice of you to try to get her started young, though.
    Seriously though, a very, very, very cute photo! Thanks!


    I COMPLETELY understand. We have three young children and it seems that we never stop doing laundry. My hope is that when they’re older they won’t dirty two outfits a day, and that they will start helping to fold! Right now, my biggest problem is a tiny toddler who thinks its fun to yank away the freshly folded pieces and toss them across the room. Help.


    How serene and happy she looks! What an absolutely gorgeous child. Good luck with all the folding…


    HOLY CUTENESS!!!! I’m floored by the cuteness:) I’ve been overwhelmed by laundry many a time, so I know where you are coming from!


    I almost missed her!Good luck with the chores – but she certainly is a beautiful reminder of what is truely important.


    Oh Claire..I feel like Oprah saying this BUT “you dont know how many women you have helped by sharing your story today”. I went searching for a particular top to wear to a 5 year olds party today. Three baskets later I found it!! But Im not always successful. I think I might do some folding this weekend, with two grand finals to watch!! Keep on smiling.


    Hmmmm happy gorgeous sweet baby or big ol’pile o’laundry, what would you choose??? Baby baby beautiful happy baby pleeeeaassse! It is just like every bedroom in our house and our youngest is 22 months !! By the way I missed her the first time, I had to read the comments to figure it out. Talk about mommy brain….lol


    Oh yes the laundry demons … I am so relieved that other moms fight this battle too. I was/am horrified by the state of our never ending laundry, but now feel a touch better.
    ps. Lily is spectacular .. so, so sweet.


    OHHHH MY!! I know that pile looks strangely like the one that used to live here!! We ended up hiring a mothers helper, not a babysitter but someone to hang out for 2 hours 3 days a week to be kind of like a big sister and help me out!!! Awesome, it helps soooooo much… Love the pic of the baby…so real…keep it and frame it so your girls will know what motherhood is reeeaaallyyy about hehehe…


    Yep, been there, done that. I’m nearly on top of it now that our youngest is 13! I have to confess that our 4 girls actually (repeatedly) grew out of some of their little dresses while the clothes were lingering too long in the ironing pile. Well why do people give you clothes that need ironing anyway? Another confession is that I once picked up my ironing basket full of clothes & gave it to the op-shop, I figured that if it took so long between wears I didn’t need it anymore. Love the photo, it looks so familiar.


    Teehee. I do that with Niamh too, she thinks it’s a riot. My laundry mountain lives on the couch though – otherwise we could never sleep in the bed!


    My clean laundry has engulfed the laundry. My daughters tiptoe in there and try to carefully pull something out. Lily looks supremely comfortable on it!


    LOL That’s hilarious. She was very hard to find.


    at least the washing is clean!re. your last post, me and my boyfriend used to make what we called “medicine soup” which was basically a tin of tomatoes, either 1/2 a carton of fresh orange, or some real squeezed orange juice, lots of ginger, garlic and chillies and some carrots. Boil this all up, maybe with some lentils if you’re feeling extra hungry, and then eat lots of it. It makes you sweat but tastes great and I’m sure it fixes a cold in no time! Haven’t made this since our little girl came on the scene as she’s not too partial to huge amounts of chillies, but just the thought of it is making me hungry…
    x em
    ps your washing (and lily) look lovely


    jeebus. I no longer feel bad about my modest two baskets full. But mine HAS been that bad. Isn’t it overwhelming and soul-sucking? Gaaahhh.


    She’s sooo cute!Don’t rush into folding the stuff yet! If you keep it growing another a year, she could climb it, play peek-a-boo in it – endless fun!


    If I let the laundry go more then 2 days it looks just like that! How old is your baby??? My little guy is almost 2 months… aren’t they just wonderful?? 🙂

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