Thoughts from a scattered mother

The other night I was mindlessly patting Lily to try and get her to go to sleep in her cot (and not our bed for a change) and after a few minutes I realised I had subconsciously slipped into the action of kneading her like bread dough – luckily I wasn’t using as much vim and vigor as I do when making bread but curiously it actually put her to sleep.
Does anyone else have a pile of clean washing in their bedroom that doesn’t even seem to get any smaller no matter how much sorting you do? I think I could spend all day folding and sorting little tiny socks and singlets and I would still end up with an enormous teetering, tower of washing essentially in a basket but piled up leaning against the wall. It makes me feel very grumpy.

I have decided to go COLD TURKEY and not watch Australian Idol this year. This means I manage to free up huge amounts of time to do other more important things like watch downloads of Project Runway, Survivor and The Amazing Race. I do like Bobby though, and I send him all my good Australian Idol vibes which I reserve for the occasional interesting contestant who shows up – the last being (in my opinion) Chanel Cole.

My parents have returned from their amazing trip-of-a-life-time adventure to Canada and the Arctic! They bring back stories of the Canadian wilderness, extended family and polar bears but what seemed to excite them the most is sitting next to the bass player from The Australian Bee Gees show on the trip home. 🙂

I am sick again – again! My immune system must be at an all time low. I have bought some new running shoes to start a daily walk to try and build up some strength to fight off the bugs which seem to descend every two weeks. If anyone has any good tips in how to build up an immune system please feel free to comment. I am going to make Chicken Soup today which will surely be a cure-all.

I now need to go and do everything that needs doing before Playschool finishes and chaos resumes.