Calendar girl

What a long few weeks it has been. Today I woke up with some energy so it seems the antibiotics (again! sigh) seemed to be kicking my current evil bug – bronchitis.
We have Camilla’s beautiful calendar hanging in our bathroom in a place where it gets a lot of eyeballing. Last month I spent quantities of time gazing at August’s image – a peaceful little creature lying quietly on the branch of a tree surrounded by soft forest light and birds.

For the first part of this month I would think “sniff, sob, how nice to escape and lie quietly in a tree!” and for the other part of the month I would think “ugh, that’s exactly how I feel… I can’t even raise my head”. So when September 1st rolled around it was with some excitement that I turned the page to see what this month’s illustration would be and how it might reflect my mood for the month…

Oh dear.

*images reproduced with Camilla’s permission. Thank you Camilla!
Hopefully I will resume semi-normal posting in September. Fingers crossed. But then again – school holidays start tomorrow.

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    Lovely to see your post up! Hope September is full of healthy happy days for you and your family.


    Hey Claire, sorry to hear that you’ve been battling the lurgy over and over! Best wishes for pulling through it and surviving the school holidays.


    sorry you’ve been so unwell, butfor very selfish reasons I’m so glad you posted! Zaky kept giving me the creeps – the hands…l the hands……Get well soon
    mwah xxx


    Nice to hear from you, Claire. Take it easy and take care of yourself.Iona.


    You’re in Melbourne, aren’t you? Victorian school holidays don’t start until next Friday. (I’m counting down the days.)


    Nice to see you posting again. Sorry that you have been ill, I hope you feel better soon. I have Camilla’s calendar and love it too.


    Hang in there Claire! Thank you for sharing these wonderful images. I really like the picture of the trees. It really feels peaceful, almost making me sleepy…


    claire,hope you feel all better soon and that you continue to gain more energy and strength for the holiday!

    btw camilla’s things really are lovely.


    Claire, you’re back! YAY! I hope you are feeling better very soon and Spring really kicks in soon for us Victorians!!! Lovely sunny days to take the pram out for a walk!!! Love the calender, you just reminded me to go and turn mine over! Best wihes to you and your girls! Shae xo


    What a cute little calendar. At least it makes you feel better. I hope your antibiotics work, everyone seems to have some sort of bug at the moment dont they. Nice to hear that your posting again though.


    Great to read your posts however infrequent. Hope all the bugs leave your place for good with this batch of antibiotics. Love Kiddley too, looking forward to what you’ve got in store after life settles a little more. You have so much talent to share.


    Well, i am sorry for the bronchitis… i have a little bit of this myself too here in Brazil. Don’t know how is the weather there in Australia, but here, even with some heat all the year, when the winter comes i have to take some medicine right the way. I am using a new one this year, its one that you have to breath in and let it get into the lung… then it helps a lot.. see u


    I’m just wondering, and have been for some time, if the “Month of Softies” died….or what happened to in all together…

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