Calendar girl

What a long few weeks it has been. Today I woke up with some energy so it seems the antibiotics (again! sigh) seemed to be kicking my current evil bug – bronchitis.
We have Camilla’s beautiful calendar hanging in our bathroom in a place where it gets a lot of eyeballing. Last month I spent quantities of time gazing at August’s image – a peaceful little creature lying quietly on the branch of a tree surrounded by soft forest light and birds.

For the first part of this month I would think “sniff, sob, how nice to escape and lie quietly in a tree!” and for the other part of the month I would think “ugh, that’s exactly how I feel… I can’t even raise my head”. So when September 1st rolled around it was with some excitement that I turned the page to see what this month’s illustration would be and how it might reflect my mood for the month…

Oh dear.

*images reproduced with Camilla’s permission. Thank you Camilla!
Hopefully I will resume semi-normal posting in September. Fingers crossed. But then again – school holidays start tomorrow.