News in brief

While one is watching some afternoon tv and a light sleep is momentarily entertaining the other, I thought I might try to throw some words up here to fill in the emptiness. This comes with a warning: I still don’t have a great deal to say – when one friend rang the other day and asked me if I had any exciting news, I weakly mentioned how I had gone up to the bakery the day before and bought a boston bun. Hmmm.
Lily has started smiling. Mostly she smiles at Christina’s paintings which hang above our bed and at shadows on the ceiling but at other times she will even smile at people, even me once or twice!

We have been sick again (again! ahh!). I came down with mastitis which was a bit of a shock. It coincided with Lily sleeping through 7 hours one night. Every silver lining has a cloud I guess. Honestly, breast feeding is not my idea of a good time. I promised myself I wouldn’t suffer through it again if it was horrible, but here I am thinking “I must keep going”. Obviously it’s early days so of course I will keep going but that doesn’t mean I’m having fun!

These days I live for evening TV. We are currently immersed in Bleak House, Project Runway, Rockstar Supernova (sad but true), The House of Elliot and Scrubs. I spend a good part of the day waiting for night fall so I can flick on the box. I taped The First Tuesday Book Club the other night and as a result I am now reading The Shadow of the Wind ready for next month’s show. It’s kind of trashy and over written but I find that it’s a good way to kill the time when feeding. Anyone else taking part?

We’ve had two days of sensational weather – we even managed to get out yesterday and enjoy the sun. We sat by the river and sipped coffees and baby cinos while geese honked and splashed aggressively nearby.

For those of you who don’t live in Melbourne, you can see the colour of the majestic Yarra over on the right. Lovely eh?

Christina bought me back some beautiful fabric from Japan and now my mind is clicking back into gear – I want to make Lily a doll or some other kind of softie for Christmas and of course, I have another Christmas stocking (or ugg boot) to stitch.

Speaking of fabric, stitching and softies, check out this cuteness. (via Christina and My Little Mochi).

My brain is fuzzy but I managed to string that all out! Time to go.