Slow Sunday

We are going in to the hospital every couple of days now to monitor the heart rate of our little tiny one. We had an ultrasound on Thursday and while the baby is now way to big to really see anything properly (to our untrained eye, obviously) we did see one thing quite clearly and that is she is definitely a SHE! She is doing well – so we will keep waiting until my next doctor’s appointment on Wednesday for further plans.
Honestly, I don’t blame her for staying tucked away in her warm, safe hiding spot. Apart from being freezing cold around here, Amelia is still coughing dramatically and Big-P came down with the same ear infection on Friday night. I have hardly any voice still and we have all been sleep deprived and grumpy and have gummy eyes – Delightful! However, last night we all slept a long long long sleep and all woke up in great spirits. Big-P even made us pancakes for breakfast. If we need a day to go into labour, today would be a good day to start.

Anyway, my world seems to be slowing down. I can’t do a lot. Even blogging seems hard now.

By the way – regarding those wonderful Japanese books which arrived here last week, Yvonne has made a tutorial on how to order books from Amazon JP — it couldn’t be easier! Thanks Yvonne. I have ordered from them several times and although I can’t understand a word of their order confirmation emails and what not, the books have always arrived quickly and in good order.