Journalistic fun times

There was an article in this morning’s Age about blogging which featured some comments by me — and while it sounds as though I have trouble stringing a sentence together, at least Darren came off sounding quite intelligent – no “like wow! sort of!”s coming out of his mouth.
By the way… have you seen Darren’s blog? – I think it’s a great resource if you are thinking about starting a commercial website. I have referred to it almost every day for the last couple of months while we were putting together Kiddley. I highly recommend it.

Today I am going in for a further ultrasound — just to make sure the baby is ok and it has enough fluid around it and so on. It will be most interesting to see a 41 week inutero baby in an ultrasound – theoretically it will be a finished, fully complete baby. Last time at 32 weeks we could see that Amelia had lots of hair — so I am curious to see the level of detail at 41 weeks. Perhaps they will be able to tell us more definitively whether it’s a boy or girl which will help the naming debates which are still raging.

Amelia has kindly shared her cold around so Big-P and I are both under the weather again. I have lost my voice almost completely so if I am lucky enough to go into labour today it might be an incredibly quiet ride – rivaling that of Tom and Katie!